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One of the best ways to learn is a great book that resonates with you. Check out our list of HIGHLY recommended books that aim to help change your business, perspective and life!

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  • The Magic Of Thinking Big

    David J. Schwartz

    Promising Amazon Review

    "This is at least the third time I have read The Magic of Thinking Big. The techniques described in the book works. For example, I am making more money than 98% of Americans, I have a beautiful wife,and two adorable children that are doing..."

  • This Is Marketing

    Seth Godin

    Promising Amazon Review

    "I’ve owned my business for 21 years, but Seth Godin’s book, This Is Marketing, has transformed the way I think about marketing. I think this book could be called, The Philosophy of Modern Marketing, or Marketing that is Truly Effective. I used to think of marketing as ..."

  • Purple Cow

    Seth Godin

    Promising Amazon Review

    "This book is from 2007, but the message is still very loud and clear. Stand out and get noticed! There are so many products out there these days and many are pretty the same. What makes them different? It's the COW, they are creating, planning and milking that baby to the bank..."

  • How To Win Friends & Influence People

    Dale Carnegie

    Promising Amazon Review

    "I wish I had purchased this book sooner. Dale Carnegie's advice has remained constant and applicable across the years for a reason. It's simple and his techniques make perfect sense. If you're anything like me, you'll be kicking yourself..."

  • Thinking Fast & Slow

    Daniel Kahneman

    Promising Amazon Review

    "As others have noted, this book is dense in places, but is tremendously important for decision making from the individual up through public policy. Even if you don't have the patience for all the chapters don't neglect the intro and..."

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad

    Robert T. Kiyosaki

    Promising Amazon Review

    "I just finished reading this book and it has left me feeling angry about all the debt I've lead myself into and what schools should be teaching us in school. The mantra I heard in my youth is go to school, get good grades, go to college and..."

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